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Athlete Cutout 10

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Are you a former athlete passionate about offering valuable lessons to clients, particularly children? Our team of softball instructors specializes in providing private coaching sessions in various aspects of the game, including hitting, pitching, fielding, baserunning, and mental game management. We also offer customized combinations of these skills! We are continuously on the lookout for enthusiastic former athletes who are eager to share their knowledge and experience with our young, aspiring athletes.

Here are some of the advantages of joining our facility as a softball instructor:

✅ Commission-based pay
Our compensation structure is commission-based, allowing instructors to earn a percentage of each lesson's fee. (commission percentage depends on experience/career accolades).

✅ Free Training Space
We provide instructors with free access to our training space, eliminating any concerns about space rental costs. The commission percentages we offer take this benefit into account, ensuring instructors don't have to calculate or cover space expenses.

✅ Hassle-free scheduling
Scheduling is a breeze. Our Academy staff takes care of booking and canceling lessons, relieving instructors of any scheduling responsibilities.

✅ Uniform Policy
We maintain a comfortable dress code policy. While instructors receive a hat and t-shirt, we encourage them to dress comfortably for lessons, eliminating any worries about attire.

✅ Free Drinks
Instructors also enjoy complimentary access to beverages before, during, or after their lessons.


✅ Provide own availability
Instructors have the flexibility to set their own availability. Whether they want to offer lessons once a week or every day, it's entirely up to them. Instructors are only required to be on-site for their scheduled lessons.


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