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Win B.I.G. Youth Enrichment Program


Our purpose is to host a series of one day softball clinics targeting girls ages 7-12. Clinic training will consist of teaching young girls the fundamentals of hitting, fielding and throwing.


Our clinics will also empower young girls to think positively and win inside before they step onto the field, providing the tools necessary to develop self-confidence and become assertive, positive, teammates and leaders. Instilling the Win B.I.G. message at this age, we feel, will have a significant impact as these athletes grow into young women. 


Through our vast coaching experience and resources, our clinic and leadership programming will help to develop these athletes fundamentally as well as foster an overall healthy mindset.  

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Introducing the Win B.I.G. Youth Enrichment Program

At TPM Fastpitch, we believe in empowering young girls through sports. We are on a mission to inspire confidence, teamwork, and a lifelong love for softball. That's why we're looking for enthusiastic Park Directors to host our fun and educational softball clinic in your community park!

Why Partner with TPM Fastpitch?
✅ Empower Girls: Make a positive impact on young girls' lives by teaching them valuable life skills through softball.
✅ Boost Community Engagement: Strengthen community bonds and promote healthy, active lifestyles.
✅ Promote Equality: Encourage gender equality in sports and promote inclusivity.
✅ Professional Expertise: Benefit from our team of experienced softball coaches and instructors.
✅ Turnkey Program: We provide all the necessary equipment and resources.
✅ Marketing Support: Leverage our marketing materials and social media exposure.


Clinic Details 

🗓 Dates: Flexible scheduling to fit your park's calendar. A 1-day, 3-hour clinic.
🏟 Location: Your community park or designated facility.
👧 Age Group: Designed for girls aged 7-12. Total of 75 athletes max. 
📈 Skill Levels: Suitable for beginners to intermediate players.
🎉 Fun-Filled Activities: Skill drills, friendly games, teamwork exercises, the fundamentals of hitting, fielding, throwing and more!
🏆 Awards: Certificates and medals to celebrate participants' achievements.

🤝 Join Us in Making a Difference! 🤝

By hosting the Win B.I.G. Youth Enrichment Softball Clinic, you'll be contributing to the development of future female athletes, fostering a strong sense of community, and leaving a lasting impact on young girls in your area.

If you are a local youth fastpitch organization or softball team, please register from the button below.

Ready to take the first step? Please fill out our registration form on the button below and one of our board directors will call you to go over the details for the event. Let's create a brighter future for girls through sports!


Midway Park

Cumming GA

George Pierce Park

Suwanee GA

Collins Hill Park

Lawrenceville GA

Murphey Candler Park

Atlanta GA

Shorty Howell Park

Duluth GA

Pinckneyville Park

Peachtree Corners GA

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Win B.I.G. Youth Enrichment Program Mission

Mission: Our one-day youth softball clinics will provide quality fundamental instruction and will empower young athletes to think positively and Win B.I.G. internally all while giving back to recreational programs and organizations. Designed for girls aged 7-12.

Your support and contributions make it possible for TPM Fastpitch to offer this enrichment program. While we are not a non-profit organization, your donation goes directly to the costs associated with executing high-quality, youth enrichment clinics, and helping to develop athletes inside and out. 

Why Donate to our Enrichment Program?
✅ Empowerment: Your donation helps us empower girls, teaching them valuable life skills through softball.
✅ Inclusivity: Promote gender equality in sports and make opportunities accessible to all.
✅ Community Growth: Invest in your community by supporting the growth of young athletes.
✅ Lasting Impact: Help a girl build confidence, teamwork, and lifelong memories.

The Small Steps to Win B.I.G 

  • Before the Game

Positive thoughts and words create positive outcomes

  • In the Game

Personal, small wins define your own success. Win within

  • Game Over

Reflection: Celebrate yourself, give yourself grace and see where you can win again.

Your Impact: Where Your Donation Goes

The money you donate to TPM Fastpitch Enrichment Program will help to support young athletes in many different ways - no matter how big or small the amount you decide upon! They don't just feel the impact of TPM Fastpitch's backing financially though - they also see the award as a motivational boost and a recognition of their talent as they look to progress forward with their careers.


✅ Cover Clinic Fees: Your contribution can cover the cost of a little girl's participation in our softball clinic.
✅ Provide Equipment: Help us supply a girl with quality equipment for practice and the game
✅ Recognition: Receive special acknowledgment for your generosity and support.

✅ 10% giveback to host park/organization

✅ Custom Fundamental Curriculum
✅ Clinic T-Shirt
✅ Win B.I.G reusable worksheet
✅ Win B.I.G bag tag
✅ Collegiate athlete Q&A

How it Works

  • 1-day 3-hour clinic

  • 7-12-year-old girls

  • 75 athlete max

  • 1-lead instructor, 6 staff members

  • Staff: current and former collegiate fastpitch athletes

  • Instruction: hitting, fielding and throwing

🤝 Join Us in Making a Difference! 🤝

By donating to the Win B.I.G Enrichment Program Softball Clinic, you'll be directly contributing to the little girl's development as a young athlete and making a positive impact on her future.

Ready to take the first step? Please fill out our donation form on the button below. Complete the fully encrypted and secured online donation form above. We will automatically provide you with the receipt for your donation that may be tax deductible.


If you have a young girl in mind or wish to register your daughter/niece for the upcoming softball clinic, simply click the button below. Let's create a brighter future for girls through sports!


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