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Upcoming Events of 2025 Announcement

Funding Mission

Message from Owner of TPM Fastpitch

Lisa Kemme Raio

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Event Highlights

For Our Participant

Access to Expert Coaching: Current and former college players will share their knowledge, helping participants refine their skills and techniques.

Clinic Participants: Tailored for young girls aged 8-12 with upto 75 athletes max per clinic event

Focus on essential softball skills Confidence building mindset tools: Covering fundamentals on hitting, pitching and fielding 

Engaging Activities: Skill drills, friendly games, and teamwork exercises

Recognition of Achievements: Awards, certificates and medals to celebrate participants achievements. 

For Our Sponsor

Networking Opportunities: An event to connect with coaches, scouts, and peers, fostering long-term relationships and opportunities.

Branding Opportunities: Display your company's logo on our banners at high-visibility locations during the event along with advertising on our website and social media.

Resource Packages: Valuable resources such as workbooks, t-shirts, caps, tote-bags, white boards, and bag tags, filled with information and keepsakes from the event.

Collegiete Q&A session and post event dinner: Engage in Q&A sessions with coaches and athletes, learning about their experiences. Participate in photo opportunities with athletes and coaches, providing valuable media content for your company's use.

To be Announced
Bethesda Park



May 2025
June 2025



1 Day Event
3 Hours



What Will Be Covered in the Event?

THE SMALL STEPS TO WIN B.I.G. (Tips & Tools Instructed) 

  • Step #1: Before the game
    Positive thoughts & words create positive outcomes. (reward the most positive player)

  • Step #2: In the Game
    Personal wins Define your own success. Win within. (reward the girls who focus on the little things, small improvements, not necessarily always physical adjustments)

  • Step #3. Game Over
    Reflection: Celebrate yourself, give yourself grace, and see where you can win again. (reward the player who found the good in everything, finished the play, came back after defeat, kept trying no matter what.)

Child Psycholgist

Importance of Mental Health in Softball for Young Athletes, and Why It Matters?

Mental health is crucial for young athletes in softball because it directly impacts their performance, confidence, and overall well-being. A strong mental game helps athletes handle pressure, bounce back from failures, and maintain focus, which are essential for success in the sport. Additionally, mental health supports the development of resilience, teamwork, and a positive attitude, all of which contribute to a fulfilling athletic experience. By prioritizing mental health, young athletes can enjoy the game more, achieve their potential, and build skills that benefit them both on and off the field.


Our one-day youth softball clinics will provide quality fundamental instruction and will empower young athletes to think positively and Win B.I.G. internally all while giving back to recreational programs and organizations. Designed for girls aged 7-12.

Struggles & Issues Athletes Face

Fear of Failure: The pressure to perform can lead to a fear of failure, which can be paralyzing and affect their confidence.

Performance Anxiety: Anxiety about not meeting expectations, whether their own or those of coaches, parents, and teammates, can be overwhelming.

Self-Doubt: Constant comparison to peers and doubts about their abilities can erode self-esteem and motivation.

Burnout: The relentless schedule of practices and games can lead to mental and emotional exhaustion.

Handling Criticism: Dealing with constructive criticism is essential for growth, but it can be tough for young athletes to handle, leading to feelings of inadequacy.

Injury and Recovery: The mental toll of injuries and the uncertainty of recovery can be significant, affecting their mindset and performance.

Balancing Expectations: Managing the expectations of parents, coaches, and themselves can be a delicate and stressful task.

Adapting to Change: Transitions, such as moving up to a new team or dealing with a new coach, can be challenging to navigate mentally.

Dealing with Pressure: The pressure to secure college scholarships or advance to higher levels of competition can be immense.

Mental Toughness: Developing the mental resilience to bounce back from setbacks and maintain focus is a continuous struggle.

How We Help & Our Objectives

Providing Support: Offering a supportive environment with encouragement from parents, coaches, and peers.
Building Mental Toughness: Teaching mindfulness, visualization, and goal-setting techniques.
Promoting a Growth Mindset: Encouraging learning from failures and setting realistic goals.
Managing Performance Anxiety: Sharing breathing exercises and relaxation methods to reduce anxiety.
Ensuring Balance and Recovery: Emphasizing the importance of rest, nutrition, and a balanced lifestyle.
Accessing Professional Help: Connecting athletes with sports psychologists and counselors.
Building Resilience: Incorporating resilience training and problem-solving skills.
Encouraging Open Communication: Fostering an open dialogue about mental health and addressing concerns.

Our Softball Clinic can equip young athletes with the tools and support they need to navigate the mental challenges of softball and develop a healthy mindset.

Ways to Support TPM's Enrichment Program

Our Impact





athletes with mental health problems supported through softball training tools and instruction

of athletes have improved mental well-being after accessing our fun activities

of people have improved self-esteem & skill from being involved in our events

We have been doing our annual win big events since 2018 and have had 7 years of success & experience in our events.

Sponsorship Opportunities


For corporate sponsors and investors, we offer various sponsorship packages that provide visibility, networking and branding opportunities at the upcoming events of win big softball clinic series  in summer 2025, and the satisfaction of supporting a worthy cause. 

Where your donation be used for?

  • Bronze Package

    Ideal for small businesses and individual investors
    • Recognition as a BRONZE sponsor on all social media accounts
    • Recognition as a BRONZE sponsor through our email blasts
    • Recognition as a BRONZE sponsor on our website
    • Recognition as a BRONZE sponsor on the banners of the events
    • Your company logo & name printed in the program book
    • 2 Free invitation to both events
    • Post event dinner for networking opportunities
  • Most Popular

    Silver Package

    • Recognition as a SILVER sponsor on all social media accounts
    • Recognition as a SILVER sponsor through our email blasts
    • Recognition as a SILVER sponsor on our website
    • Recognition as a SILVER sponsor on the banners of the events
    • A half-page advertisement space in the program book
    • 2 Free invitation to both events
    • Post event dinner for networking opportunities
    • Company logo on tote-bags
    • 1 week of social media advertising through our social media
  • Gold Package

    Ideal for all businesses for best marketing coverage
    • Recognition as a GOLD sponsor on all social media accounts
    • Recognition as a GOLD sponsor through our email blasts
    • Recognition as a GOLD sponsor on our website
    • Recognition as a GOLD sponsor on the banners of the events
    • A full-page advertisement space in the program book
    • 3 Free invitation to both events
    • Post event dinner for networking opportunities
    • Company Logo on tote-bags
    • 1 week of social media advertising through our social media
    • Company Logo on t-shirts of participants and coaches
    • Company logo on caps & bag tags
    • 3 dedicated posts on our threads account with clickable link

Receive a detailed report on the event's impact, including how your contribution helped support the TPM Fastpitch Enrichment Program - Win Big Softball Clinic Series and the development of young athletes.

Thank You for Your Support!
Your sponsorship is crucial in making the Win Big Softball Clinic Series 2025 a success. We look forward to partnering with you to inspire and empower the next generation of softball players.


For more information or to discuss the sponsorship package that is right for you, please contact TPM Fastpitch Owner

Please join us for Win Big Softball Clinic Series 2025 fundraise

to raise money in support of the TPM Enrichment program

Contribution Opportunities

Where your contribution be used for?

Your generous contribution will directly support the success of two Win Big Clinic 2025 events, scheduled for late May and early June 2025. Each event has an estimated cost of $12,500, totaling $25,000 for both clinics. This funding will enable us to provide an enriching experience for up to 75 athletes per event, with a maximum of 150 participants in total. Also, each event will have 6 staff members with 1 lead. 

Every dollar raised will be carefully allocated to ensure maximum impact:

Purchasing Equipment: Ensuring participants have access to the best tools for skill development.

Staffing Clinics: Compensating our experienced staff for their time and expertise.

✅ Advertising and Marketing: Promoting the event to reach a wider audience.

Online Registration and Clinic Administration: Streamlining the registration process and managing event logistics.

Player Registration Fees: Subsidizing the cost for participants to attend.

Participant Giveaways: Providing valuable resources such as workbooks, t-shirts, bag tags, whiteboards, caps and tote bags.

By supporting the Win Big Clinic Series 2025, you are not only contributing to the development of young athletes but also helping to create a supportive and educational environment that will inspire the next generation of sports enthusiasts.

Exclusive Donor Benefits:
As a token of our appreciation, donors like you will receive:

  • Exclusive Event Updates: Behind-the-scenes insights and progress reports.

  • Recognition at the Event: Your name or company logo displayed as a proud supporter.

  • Invitation to the event and post event dinner: For network opportunities where you can meet the staff, participants, and other donors.

Thank You:
On behalf of the TPM Fastpitch Academy and the Win Big Softball Clinic Series, we extend our heartfelt thanks for your consideration and support.

Popular Contribution Options Chosen by Other Supporters:

  • Equipment for 1 Participant: $300

  • Equipment for 3 Participants: $900

  • Local Park Venue of your choosing: $7500


Flexible Donation:

If you prefer, you can also choose to donate any amount that suits you, and we will allocate it towards supporting the event and its participants.


Join Our Mission to create a brighter future for young athletes today!


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Learn What Makes the Win Big Softball Series Special!

About the Event

Positive Thoughts

  1. What are some positive thoughts you can say to yourself before the game?

It’s natural for us to gravitate towards thinking about the negatives. We are afraid to make a mistake, or fail. We want to make sure we help our team win or do well during practice, or in a clinic, camp or lesson. Focusing on what we DO NOT want to happen doesn’t help us to win within or to improve. Begin to tune into your thoughts and how your inner voice is communicating. Practice thinking about what we want to happen, positive thoughts about ourselves will help us go into the game with a positive mindset and with boosted confidence through positive self-talk.

Some examples of ways to have positive thoughts: 
* Instead of “I hope I don’t strike out,” think “I’m going to have GREAT at bats!”

* Instead of “I hope people don’t hit a homerun off of me,” think “I can’t wait to throw my new pitches.”

Win Within/Personal Wins
If someone plays well, what do they do? (allow kids to answer. Then give typical examples)
Ask kids about other types of wins like quality at bats, having better throws, fielding the ball with two hands, trying a new pitch in the game. Showing them that winning isn’t always about scoring runs or strike outs (statistic focused successes) but instead about the little things that make athletes better.
* Encourage people to share little wins that they can be proud of no matter what.

* Express the importance of being good at the little things to get to the big wins.

* Give examples of your own little wins when you were playing or even in everyday life.

Baseball Helmets

For Athlete Participants

Secure Your Spot for the Win Big Softball Clinic Series 2025!

Don't wait until it's too late. Register now for the Win Big Softball Clinic Series and be among the first to experience top-notch coaching, workshops, and networking opportunities.

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